Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Detachable Key Fob

So I was looking for a better way to carry my keys. Here was the problem. I kept all my keys on a traditional carabiner. The problem was a carabiner is that if you had multiple key rings on it, you had to remove keys until you got to right one. So I came up with this configuration.

The key fob begins with an bit of paracord knotting. I made it following the example at Stormdrane's blog: paracord key keeper. The clip is a S-biner.

For the detachable portion of the keyring, I got this type of ring, but didn't order it from the net. I'm sorry to say I got it at Walmart. The large split ring at the barrel end of the seemed too big and cumbersome so I replaced it with size 9 stainless steel split ring I got from Sport Chalet's fishing section.

Now I have a key system which allows me to detach whichever set of keys I need, and it allows me to reconfigure my key arrangement to suit the day (I don't drive everyday, so I can leave my car keys at home).

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  1. Nice idea! Organizing our keys is very important and that can be done using a key fob.